Hoard’s Dairyman, a leading national publication serving the dairy community, published the story announcing the support of the American Dairy Coalition for Pacific Northwest dairy farmers in their fight with the EPA.

The long standing battle concerns a science report from 2012 that purports to show current dairy operations are responsible for the nitrate levels in groundwater in Eastern Washington Yakima Valley.

All evidence points to this nitrate, lower than most similar farming areas, is from legacy farm practices.

Every agricultural expert who reviewed the study as part of the public comment period determined the study did not prove what EPA claims it did.

EPA Region 10 staff did not conduct a peer review according to federal policy, but later falsely claimed the study’s category did not require a peer review.

See https://savefamilyfarming.org/blog/epa-nitrate-study/ for details about the false study, cover up and efforts by farmers to address the injustice.