A large concern of many farmers in today’s climate is the future of their farm. For Austin Allred, owner of Royal Dairy and Moxee Dairy, two of the most important things he can do are diversify and become more sustainable.

In an interview with Capital Press, Allred, who is co-president of Eastern Washington Family Farmers, said innovations in sustainability are essential for the future of the dairy community.

“ getting better at telling our story and showing people that we are growing food safely, sustainably and efficiently – better than anywhere else in the world,” he told Capital Press.

In 2018, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy awarded Allred the Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability Award, in part for utilization of the BioFiltro BIDA system, a filtration process that uses worm beds to recycle water in an energy-efficient way. After the water has been filtered, the recycled water is used for irrigation. Additionally, the process creates an organic compost available for farmers to purchase. Allred is optimistic that things like this are the future of dairy farming.

While it may be a love of cows that first drew Allred to dairy farming, it’s his desire to educate consumers about the importance of family farms that keeps him going, he said. “We need to keep that positive story moving forward.”

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