Dairy journalist points out activists posing as reporters

What? Journalists taking on the role of activist? How could it be? But, yes, we have numerous examples of how reporters often doing so-called "investigative" reports stretch the definition of responsible journalism. One characteristic of activist is the belief that the end justifies the means. They believe so strongly in ..

Leading National Dairy Publication Reports on Growing Pressure on EPA From Farmers

Hoard's Dairyman, a leading national publication serving the dairy community, published the story announcing the support of the American Dairy Coalition for Pacific Northwest dairy farmers in their fight with the EPA. The long standing battle concerns a science report from 2012 that purports to show current dairy operations are ..

Great news for farm workers in court decision

The Tri-City Herald reported September 6 that a federal judge in Richland temporarily blocked the government from a 50% increase in piece rate pay for farm workers. This means these workers can continue to earn the $17 per hour they receive in the blueberry harvest in Eastern Washington. If the ..

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