Farmer gets emotional describing how unfair lawsuits threaten her family’s future

Eastern Washington dairy farmer Fransisca Vander Meulen choked back tears as she explained how unfair lawsuits that money-hungry lawyers have filed against dozens of WA farms could put her family's farm out of business. She joined Dillon Honcoop to talk about what's really at stake for so many family ..

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Farm worker union “Victory!” cries may not be what you think

Workers organized by the tiny one-farm farmworker union called FUJ declared victory with an agreement signed with a Yakima fruit plant. This reminded us of the “victory” claimed by the United Farm Workers (UFW) in an extended legal battle against a Tri-Cities dairy farm. Seattle media dutifully reported the union accusations ..

New Rules Are a Political Tool, Not a Safety Measure

With new guidelines in place for essential workers, there’s an important question about fairness. Workers are classified as essential due to their important contribution to society. Grocery store workers are essential because they market and sell food; medical workers are essential because they provide healthcare; farm workers are essential because ..

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